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Poker – What is a Tell?

December 16th, 2010 at 21:21

Poker is a sport of individuals played through the medium of playing cards. A tell is a pattern that shows the basic strength of an opponent’s hand. If you participate in web-based poker, general tells are comprised of betting patterns and the amount of time to act. Brick and motar poker at the brick and mortar casino offers a better opportunity to spot tells. In addition to time tells and wagering patterns, individuals have physical tells. Individuals commonly give away the strength of their hand through body language, eye movements, breathing rates, and the tennor of their voice. Poker is a game of feelings and a number of gamblers cannot control their emotions when cash is involved. In order to identify a tell you need to closely pay attention to your competitors on every single hand. Watch for any kind of wagering sequence or physical tell that correlates with the strength of their hand. If an opposing player constantly takes deep breaths when she has a strong hand, that’s a tell for extreme strength. If an opposing player always wagers his poor hands with a twitch of his wrist, that is their tell for extreme weakness.

Tells allow you to see beyond your own hand and into your competitor’s mind. Concentrate on everything that your opponent does while he gambles in a pot and attempt to link every play to a given strength of their cards. With the ability to notice tells on your opponent, the cards really don’t matter. If your competitor shows you that she is weak, you will be able to raise him with any hand knowing that he’ll fold. If your opponent shows you that they are strong, you’ll be able to fold very strong hands. There is more to poker than just the cards you are dealt. Concentrate on your opponent’s mannerisms and your winnings will soar.

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