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A Plus B Equals C: A Poker Gambler’s Value is Judged by His Bottom Line

November 28th, 2010 at 5:21
[ English ]

Some poker tactics will amaze you with their ease. This is sample. Note your results, every time you wager.

Cult of hold’em Psalm #four:

Thou must write down thy successes and thy squanders; for it is the total of all a persons achievements which generate his or her bottom line.

How accurate is up to you. I usually believe that hourly details and that style of personal information is wasted. Basically figure out how far up you are and what amount (if any) you’ve taken out. Naturally, if you are beaten, note that too, regardless of how much it it might pain you.

Don’t forget to record what type of game you are betting on, if that is critical to you. (In my expertise, most gamblers stick to what they understand and don’t experiment. If all you write down is up, down and what you’ve taken out, you are way in front of a majority of players around!)

Bestow on yourself achievable ambitions, such as a ‘dream’ goal (new car, holiday or whatever). When you take out, mark the dollars withdrawn to your dream tally. The more prosperous you are, the nearer that dream will be!

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